Posts made in May, 2011

The Firehose (of Creativity)

Writing is (at least for me) quite a bit like a fire hose – when it’s on, it’s ON.  And then sometimes, it’s not.  Thing is, very often that hose is pointed in a direction I’m not expecting, and that’s what I wanted to talk about today. That spontaneous burst of creativity, the rush of words in a mad whirlwind in your head, the flood of images and dialogue that’s just dying to get out of your fingers...

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And so, it begins.

A blog page.  Wow.  Don’t know why this took me so long to start – actually, the page has been here for a couple of months without anything past the first ‘Hello World’ post.  That’s sort of sad, really, for a couple of reasons. The first, of course, is that I’m a loud son of a bitch with lots to say about a lot of subjects.  You’d think someone as full of hot air as me would have long since started...

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