And so, it begins.

A blog page.  Wow.  Don’t know why this took me so long to start – actually, the page has been here for a couple of months without anything past the first ‘Hello World’ post.  That’s sort of sad, really, for a couple of reasons.

The first, of course, is that I’m a loud son of a bitch with lots to say about a lot of subjects.  You’d think someone as full of hot air as me would have long since started spouting off in a place where the entire world can see it (assuming that they even hear about my blog, of course).

And second, I’m a writer.  Now, to be fair, I haven’t written regularly in a long time.  It took the inspiration of my friend Andy Romine, who came back from a writer’s workshop so full of creative energy that I couldn’t help but start up again.  A month or two later I joined a writing group (hi, guys!) and they’re simply amazing – great writers, great input, and I’m constantly putting words to paper now.  A blog is simply more writing, albeit less fictional and more autobiographical.

Ok, fine, I’m not actually putting words on paper.  I’m terribly inconveniencing a hell of a lot of electrons, though.  I hope you enjoy those displaced electrons enough to stick around and meander the mysterious machinations of my mind with me.

(oooh, alliteration!  see, I told you I was a writer!)


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere, fellow writer! Rock on :)

    • Thanks, Taylor!

      Since you’re the first-ever comment on my blog, I hereby award one genuine Nobuck, redeemable wherever Nobucks are accepted! Also, one cookie.*

      *cookie not included.

  2. I look forward to your insights as well as mumblings.

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