People say the strangest things

My wife Denise and I were walking along the beach the other night when we encountered a group of people hanging out near the swinging rings.  We stopped to get some water at the drinking fountain, and I greeted a little boy, perhaps 4 or 5 years old, as he walked by.

“Hello, shorty,” I said.  He eyeballed me but said nothing as he scampered past the fountain, then turned back once he’d reached the other side.

“My name is Marcus,” he said.

“Ah, mine’s not,” I replied.

“I know,” he said condescendingly.

“Oh, really?  How do you know that?  I could have the same name as you,” I said.

“No, you can’t,” he shot back.

“Oh no?  Why not?”

“Because,” he said, in a triumph of 4 year old logic, “you’re big!”

Of course little boys don’t have a monopoly on nonsensical remarks.  Denise is a master of them.  Later the same night, in fact, she said something worth reporting.

Denise: “Um, what was that thing I was going to say before I was going to say that other thing I haven’t said?”

Me: ??? O_o


  1. Hahahahahaha Yay Denise!

    Oh, and by the way, that thing you were going to say before the other thing was, “pass the pepper.”

  2. hahahahahahahaahhahahahahahaah (for real I laughed like a fool for a full min)

  3. yeah, my wife comes up with some real gems… although not since I made good on my threat to post them online. 😉

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