Socrates in the Backyard

I don’t remember my childhood very well, but occasionally I’ll see something like this and it sparks a memory; I remember having conversations like this with my old friends Yvain Johnson and Gary Davis, in between discussions of school bullies and what was for lunch and whatever tv show we’d watched the night before.

I miss that kid, miss the simple joy of discovery for its own sake, with no external forces propelling me on; I miss the innocence and wonder and joy of growing up.

I think we all do, each in our own way, and things like this are wonderful because they hearken us back to a simpler time, when our worlds were more like an ant’s; smaller, somehow easier and more difficult at the same time; a little scary, containing the promise of eternal quests and amazing adventure around every corner.


Incidentally, I first saw this on NPR’s website. I would be remiss if I did not provide a link to the original article.

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  1. Hey…I posted that same video! =) Great kid!

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