Posts made in May, 2013

Keep your cool… and laugh

I have a couple of stories for you to slog through before this post has a point. They’re mildly funny, though, so it shouldn’t be too painful. Story #1. A couple of days ago a friend of mind said he’d gone to a meeting at work and – for no reason he could think of – brought along a Pathfinder character sheet. (In case you’re unfamiliar with Pathfinder, as I suspect most of you are, it’s a role-playing...

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The M.U.G. Writer’s Retreat

Some of you may have noticed that I like to write fiction. You may have seen my post last year about the Rainforest Writer’s Retreat, or when I talked about doing the National Novel Writing Month challenge, which (as you can see from the word count box in the left bar) I completed successfully. And you may have heard me talk about the MUG writing group, that lovely group of individuals with whom I workshop my stories. I’ve learned...

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Ingress of life

A few weeks ago, I started playing a virtual reality game called “Ingress” on my Android phone. (It’s a Galaxy SIII, for those of you who are interested in such things, and yes, I love it). Ingress is a game by Google, a team king of the hill game, where you capture ‘portals’ and try to connect them together; these portals exist only in virtual space, and are located in the real world at interesting locations;...

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