Posts made in June, 2013

Friends, Family, Fortune

I had a busy weekend. It started with a mountain bike ride in the Pacific Palisades. I’ve got a couple of old friends that have started riding with me every week, and this weekend we were joined by an old buddy who moved to New Zealand a few years back. He only comes to town once every couple of years for a few days, and spends the majority of his time in meetings, so every minute with him is precious. And he loves outdoor sports. We dug...

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The Future is Now (or at least right around the corner)

I increment my age value by one this month, and the event, though unremarkable otherwise, has got me thinking about the world and how it looks. I’m roughly half way through my life now, with as much time behind me as there is in front of me. As I look in both directions I find myself thinking about how things have changed, and how they’re going to change. You’re probably thinking ‘Well, don’t you do that all the...

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