Anthony’s imagination was sparked at a tender age by schoolyard bullies, who could only think of a single insult to address him with.  After scolding them for being uncreative and giving them a plethora of examples to illustrate his point (and after the school nurse treated his bruises), Anthony decided to associate with a better class of individual.  The playmate he chose was called ‘Literature’, and he’s never looked back.  Zeus, Arthur, D’artagnan, and Bond became bosom buddies, and role-playing games introduced him to character and world building, not to mention the value of a good plot and climax.  He is currently writing two novels, a series of novellas and a collection of short stories.

Anthony got his degree in Radio, Television and Film from the California State University at Long Beach, and still works in the film industry as a Linux systems administrator. In his copious spare time he enjoys road and mountain biking, martial arts like Aikido, Kali, and Wing Chun, and the occasional dram of whisky.

Anthony currently lives in Santa Monica with two girls, one of whom is small, black and furry.