TED Talks

Playing Games to Change the World

Another TED talk has caught my eye.  I was alive when Pong was invented, and I clearly remember the transition of computer games from stand-up arcades to the home area (I’m giving away my age here, aren’t I?).  I’ve played games for years, though never with the sort of dedication that Jane McGonigal talks about in this talk.  However, I have always been a proponent of using games for educational purposes, and saddened and/or...

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Learning without teachers

I was poking around on the TED website, randomly watching videos – seriously, it’s a great way to spend 20 minutes or so when you have some free time – and I came across a really interesting video about teaching children advanced topics – without teachers. Professor Sugata Mitra has been experimenting with allowing children the freedom to discover the answers to questions he poses without the benefit of a teacher...

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